As you can imagine, Brian Austin Green’s words for ex-girlfriend Vanessa Marcil are rather fiery.

After their 2003 breakup, she claimed that she had raised their son Kassius, who is now 20 years old, all by herself, and the BH90210 actor didn’t hold back in responding. In a recent question and answer session on her Instagram Story, Vanessa made the accusation in response to a follower’s inquiry into the ex-co-parenting couple’s arrangements: “We didn’t and don’t act as co-parents. I was a single parent raising my son.”

The next day, February 24th, Brian posted a screenshot of the actress’ response online “As a result, I can’t put into words how disheartening it is to see the same woman, who claims to be 50 or older but acts like she’s still in high school, spreading false information online. She’s never been one to back up her words with actions. Discussions are worthless.”

Brian, who has three sons from his marriage to Megan Fox and a son named Zane, who is seven months old, said that he did most of the parenting in their relationship.

Since his mother was rarely present, he and his wife, Megan, “bust our asses to give Kass a well rounded childhood,” he wrote. “That’s probably why she’s been sharing so many pictures of him recently. Please tell me she’ll leave already.”

After meeting each other on the set of Beverly Hills, 90210 in 1999, Brian and Vanessa, then both 54, began dating. In 2002, they gave birth to Kassius.

Vanessa filed a lawsuit against Brian in January 2012, nearly a decade after they had split up, for allegedly unpaid loans. Months later, the judge ruled that the statute of limitations had passed and dismissed her case against the Anger Management alum.

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In 2018, Vanessa made accusations that Brian and his ex-wife Megan had “completely cut Kass out of their lives” and that her son was “truly heartbroken” over the alleged situation, reigniting the drama between the two. To date, Brian and Megan have declined to comment to E! News.

But it appears that Brian and Vanessa’s relationship dynamic has changed in the recent years. Vanessa gushed about Kassius “visiting his dad in Canada” in July of 2019, and she cheered for Brian on Dancing With the Stars 30 years later when he competed.

In a post from September of 2021, she shared a photo of Kassius in a car on his way to a taping of Dancing With the Stars, captioning it, “On my way to the live taping of Dancing With the Stars.” “I’m on my way to see Dad. #TeamGreen.”

The representative for Vanessa did not respond to E! News’ request for comment on Brian’s most recent statement.



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