Riot’s decision to switch broadcasts before the 2023 season was questioned by long-time LCS fans, but QTCinderella’s cameo has made fans accept the new direction.

Riot’s head of global esports has apologised for the manner in which broadcast changes were communicated to fans. The LCS has gotten off to a rough start in 2023. Dash’s departure as Esports host of the year was not his choice, which hasn’t helped his image among fans.

However, QT Cinderella’s presence on the show provided so much original content and interviews that LCS viewers were so impressed that fans demanded her return.

Cinderella reveals that she has been an LCS fan for many years. From her admiration for all-time greats such as Bjergsen and Doublelift to her previous appearances at League of Legends-related events such as the Grubhub Feeding Frenzy, she demonstrates that she is a fan of the LCS.

According to their discussion on Jacob Wolf’s podcast Visionaries, QT plans to air it in 2023. It is safe to say she accomplished this goal quickly.

Fans of the LCS liked her cameo because she did interviews and a cooking session with Spica on stage.

Even people who had never seen QTCinderella before they were on it were able to say nice things about their episode in this Reddit thread.

“As a baby boomer who has no idea who she is, I can appreciate the direction.” She makes the time between games feel like a stream that anyone, not just die-hard fans, can enjoy. “I believe this is the direction the LCS wants to go.”

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People have said that the way QTCinderella talks to and interviews players is a good way to get casual fans interested in the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS). This is because she does more than just analysis and player stories that are meant to appeal to existing audiences.

QTCinderella has confirmed that this is a one-time event that will only be available for pre-order on LCS Opening Day. While future performances are possible, there are currently no plans in place.


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