People have a strong desire for a loving partner. But how much should we charge to remain competitive?

On Thursday, @salppicon posted her request to give someone a chance on social media. She desires that her partner has a car or motorcycle, does not live with her parents, is bilingual, has a visa, and even does the dishes.

It doesn’t matter to me whether my partner is a technician or a technician; I’m 23 years old, and my partner is a professional. “They must also speak a second language and have access to a vehicle, be it a car or a motorcycle,” she promised. She might be of interest. No more pooping! Melissa Martnez’s seductive dance made fans sigh.

“If you don’t own a home yet, you’re definitely making a down payment, so you’re not living at home with your parents.” “You must also have a passport, a visa, and an income equal to or greater than mine.”

“You must not wish to have children, and if you’ve had a vasectomy, so much the better,” the young woman added to her list. Additionally, you must have at least three monthly appointments and be willing to attend couples therapy and do the dishes, because I don’t cook.

The response to her video was immediate, ranging from those who sincerely supported her to those who criticised her lengthy and demanding list.


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