On Tuesday, the patriarch of a Mormon family, including five children, was found dead in their rural Utah home. The father of the child then turned the firearm on himself.

On Wednesday, the bodies of Michael, 42; Tausa, 40; their five children; and Tausa’s mother, Gail, 78, were discovered with gunshot wounds.

Three daughters, ages 17, 12, and 7, and two sons, ages 7 and 8, were identified among the children. Other family members have requested a welfare check at her residence. KSL reported that it was later discovered that the massacre occurred shortly after Tausha filed for divorce from her husband. Michael worked as an insurance agent for Allstate until last week.

Rob Dotson, the manager of Enoch City, stated in a press release that Michael Height was the sole suspect in the crime. “While this extensive investigation is ongoing, investigators believe there are no outstanding suspects,” Dotson said. “There is evidence that the suspect murdered seven others in his home before committing suicide.” “The suspect is Michael Hayter, age 42.”

Online records show that Michael Haight worked for Allstate and ran a financial services business out of his Enoch home on North Albert Drive.

Fox According to reports from Salt Lake City, Michael recently quit his job at the insurance giantgiant. Additionally, the station reported that Tausha filed for divorce on December 21.

Dotson stated at a news conference that authorities entered the residence around 4:00 p.m. Dotson stated that the alarm first sounded when Tausha missed an appointment. At the same news conference, the mayor of the city, Jeffrey Chestnut, revealed through tears that he was a neighbour of the Haight family and that their children were playing in his yard.

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The family had previously visited the residence for unknown reasons, according to officials. None of these visits are recent. According to the family’s neighbours, they are active members of the town’s Mormon community and are “extremely hospitable.”

On December 21, it was revealed that Tausa had filed for divorce from her husband, Michael. When neighbours express concern or when a person hasn’t been seen in a long time, it is common to conduct a welfare check. Tausa’s Facebook page is filled with photos of her family, the most recent of which was taken in June 2022 and features her and her husband.


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