On Monday, a shooting in McKeesport resulted in the death of one officer and the injury of another. Allegheny County Police reported that officers from McKeesport responded to a break-in in the 1400 block of Wilson Street at 12:11 p.m. The police stated they were notified of a person experiencing a mental health crisis and warned he may be armed.

Sean Sluganski

Allegheny County Police Chief Christopher Kearns stated, “Officers attempted to speak with the individual, but he walked away without speaking with us.” According to Kearns, the man continued to leave Wilson and head for the Grande The police encountered him while he was walking down View Avenue in front of 1300 Grandview Avenue. “The suspect suddenly drew a handgun and fired at two officers from McKeesport,” Kearns stated.

According to the police, one of the officers was transported to UPMC McKeesport, where he was pronounced dead. The second officer was flown to a hospital in Pittsburgh via helicopter. The Washington County Police Department identified the deceased officer as Sean Sluganski and the injured officer as Chuck Thomas in a Facebook post.

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“At the intersection of Versailles Avenue and Patterson Avenue, where he encountered a third McKeesport officer, the theme continued. “He again drew his firearm and fired at the officer,” Kearns said. The subject was injured following an exchange of gunfire.

According to police, the officer and suspect are both in stable condition. The suspect is known to McKeesport police, according to Kearns, who stated that charges are being prepared against him.

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Kearns stated, “You’ve previously interacted with him.” At approximately 5:15 p.m., Sluganski’s team and other emergency personnel travelled from UPMC McKeesport to the district physician’s office in Pittsburgh.

Due to external police activity, the entire McKeesport School District is closed. Eventually, the ban was lifted.


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