Chris Dawson murder trial hears 'bus stop' and Antiques Roadshow sighting claims of missing Lyn

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Chris Dawson’s murder trial has heard extraordinary claims by the accused’s brother-in-law of seeing Lynette Dawson at a information/sydney/index.html” id=”mol-96dd27d0-eba5-11ec-9a24-a1a6ac8438e5″>Sydney bus cease and on an Antiques Roadshow episode taped in England – lengthy after her disappearance.

But Ross Hutcheon didn’t reveal the alleged 1982 bus cease encounter till after his spouse’s youthful brother was charged with murder to anybody however his spouse, the NSW information/us-supreme-court/index.html” id=”mol-96d64a00-eba5-11ec-9a24-a1a6ac8438e5″>Supreme Court heard on Monday.

The trial additionally heard an intercepted telephone interview between Chris Dawson and his sister in 1999 after police had quizzed her, during which the accused asks repeated questions on what police wished to find out about him. 

In a 2019 taped police interview performed in courtroom Ross Hutcheon, who has since died, relates seeing ‘Lynette Dawson’ in 1982 when the previous insurance coverage surveyor was driving his work automobile previous Gladesville Hospital in the direction of Parramatta.

 ‘I glanced to my proper and noticed Lyn standing at a bus cease,’ he mentioned, including that the actual fact Lyn had been a nurse and was reverse a hospital the place ‘she’d been at work’ strengthened his conviction it was her.

‘She seemed similar to the Lyn I knew, same-coloured hair, identical coiffure … fullish kind blonde hair … no sun shades, no try and disguise.

‘She was fairly a lovely woman. I assumed I’ll cease and say whats up and thought that is pointless, she walked out.’

A lady that includes on a 2006 Antiques Roadshow episode taped in Cornwall, UK and aired in Australia in 2010 has been cited by Chris Dawson’s household as proof she remains to be alive

The court heard on Monday that members of Chris Dawson's family and friends from his 'football club' had claimed to see Lynette Dawson (above) in the months and years since she vanished in January 1982

The courtroom heard on Monday that members of Chris Dawson’s household and mates from his ‘soccer membership’ had claimed to see Lynette Dawson (above) within the months and years since she vanished in January 1982

Ross Hutcheon, the accused's brother-in-law, said he saw Lynette Dawson at a bus stop across the road from Gladesville Hospital in 1982 with 'fullish blonde hair' looking 'quite attractive'

Ross Hutcheon, the accused’s brother-in-law, mentioned he noticed Lynette Dawson at a bus cease throughout the street from Gladesville Hospital in 1982 with ‘fullish blonde hair’ trying ‘fairly enticing’

Mr Hutcheon informed police he had a change of thoughts, did a U-turn, and when he returned ‘Lyn’ had gone.

Although he had informed no different member of the family bar his spouse Lynette Hutcheon till after her brother Chris Dawson was charged in 2018 with Lynette Dawson’s murder, he says he informed police.

In the 2019 interview, Mr Hutcheon seems to imagine police knocked on his door  in about 1983, however the precise police interview by two detectives of himself and his spouse at their Cromer House in Sydney’s northern seashores didn’t happen till February 1999.

Shown a transcript of the interview, which prosecutors in Chris Dawson’s trial attest comprises no point out of the ‘bus cease sighting’, Mr Hutcheon turns into upset and says, ‘That is incorrect. That is totally incorrect’.

He additionally claims within the interview to have seen a lady on Antiques Roadshow who seemed ‘very like’ Lyn, and seems confused when requested if he had not examine that in media stories (a few 2006 episode taped in Cornwall, UK). 

The Crown's case is that the Gladesville bus stop 'sighting' was never aired or told to police until after Chris Dawson's 2018 arrest (above) for the alleged murder of his first wife Lynette

The Crown’s case is that the Gladesville bus cease ‘sighting’ was by no means aired or informed to police till after Chris Dawson’s 2018 arrest (above) for the alleged murder of his first spouse Lynette

Prosecutors have attempted to paint Chris Dawson (above with Lynette and one of their daughters) as a violent, controlling and abusive husband, but his defence contends Lyn left the marriage of her own accord, abandoning her children

Prosecutors have tried to color Chris Dawson (above with Lynette and one of their daughters) as a violent, controlling and abusive husband, however his defence contends Lyn left the wedding of her personal accord, abandoning her kids

Mr Hutcheon additionally described  his allegedly murdered sister-in-law as a troublesome lady who in her marriage to the accused ‘used to run their life actually’ and who would go ‘mad … about probably the most trivial issues’ with a supposedly easygoing home builder.

Christopher Michael Dawson, 73, is accused of murdering his spouse and disposing of her physique in January 1982 so he might have an unfettered relationship along with his babysitter and former scholar, referred to as JC. He has pleaded not responsible to the cost

His defence case is that Lyn left her marriage to Chris Dawson of her personal accord and deserted her two younger daughters, then aged 4 and two. 

The accused’s older sister Lynette Hutcheon informed the trial on Monday that aside from her husband’s bus cease incident, Lynette Dawson had been sighted put up January 1982 by unnamed soccer mates and by her Auntie Audrey ‘at some markets’.

Testifying by way of videolink from Western Australia, Ms Hutcheon mentioned the detectives at her Cromer dwelling in 1999 had requested her for household telephone numbers, together with that of Chris Dawson.

She was performed an intercepted telephone name she had made to the accused after the detectives’ go to, during which he asks what the police wished, in the event that they’d requested for his deal with, and if they’d interviewed the schoolgirl spouse he’d since divorced, JC.

The trial heard an intercepted phone call between Chris Dawson and his sister in which they discussed his schoolgirl second wife JC (centre) which Lynette Hutchon said had been 'difficult, causing custody problems' in the 1990s

The trial heard an intercepted telephone name between Chris Dawson and his sister during which they mentioned his schoolgirl second spouse JC (centre) which Lynette Hutchon mentioned had been ‘troublesome, inflicting custody issues’ within the Nineties

Several alleged 'sightings' have been made by the accused's family or friends, Chris Dawson's sister Lynette Hutcheon told the court on Monday

Several alleged ‘sightings’ have been made by the accused’s household or mates, Chris Dawson’s sister Lynette Hutcheon informed the courtroom on Monday

 Ms Hutcheon tells Chris Dawson on the taped name that JC wasn’t talked about however she questioned if the police questions weren’t a consequence of JC  ‘being sensible … you don’t want her two cents value like a gap within the head’.

Asked on Monday by crown prosecutor Craig Everson SC what she meant by JC “being sensible’, she mentioned JC was ‘being troublesome, inflicting custody issues’.

Asked why she hadn’t talked about the Gladesville bus cease sighting, Ms Hutcheon mentioned ‘it did not some up … it wasn’t necessary for me to inform him at that stage’.

Mr Everson pointed Ms Hutcheon to a police assertion she made in 2019 when she was interviewed concerning the 1999 Cromer detective go to which he mentioned said ‘Lynette Hutcheon was unable to produce a contact phone quantity for Chris Dawson.

Asked by Mr Everson, ‘did you inform police you did not have his phone quantity’, Ms Hutcheon replied, ‘No … there is no motive why I wouldn’t have. to I gave them his deal with, it might have been in identical ebook’.

Asked concerning the Teacher’s Pet podcast about her brother’s alleged position in Lynette Dawson’s disappearance, Ms Hutcheon mentioned ‘I heard they have been accusing him  of one thing, killing her I feel’ however mentioned she hadn’t listened to it.

‘I did not need  something to do with it.’ 

Asked why she did not contact her brother with the main points of her husband’s ‘bus cease sighting’ after listening to the alleged murder claims towards Chris Dawson of the podcast, Ms Hutcheon mentioned ‘I did not assume it was mandatory’.

‘I did not realise it was going to be that necessary. simply thought commonsense would prevail,’ she mentioned. 

Under cross-examination by Chris Dawson’s barrister Pauline David, Ms Hutcheon mentioned that the police who had interviewed her ‘have been clearly very laid again and did not file the whole lot’ together with her husband’s bus cease sighting of Lyn. 

Ms Hutcheon additionally associated an incident of when Lynette Dawson’s  four-year-old daughter bit her two-year-old and mentioned Lyn ‘broke down, she couldn’t cope … mentioned “I shouldn’t have had kids. Chris wished to have … so we did”.’

The sister of Chris and Paul Dawson (above in a Levi's jeans ad in the 1980s) said she was visited by detectives in 1999 and asked for the phone numbners of family including her twin brothers

The sister of Chris and Paul Dawson (above in a Levi’s denims advert within the Nineteen Eighties) mentioned she was visited by detectives in 1999 and requested for the telephone numbners of household together with her twin brothers

The murder trial started in early May and  is into its fifth week, with a one week adjournment interrupting proceedings when Mr Everson contracted Covid. 

The crown’s witnesses have tried to color Dawson as a violent, controlling and abusive husband, with testimony rising that Mrs Dawson had been seen variously with a black eye, and bruises round her throat and on her arms and thigh.

Witnesses have mentioned they noticed him shove his spouse’s face into the filth, swing her right into a doorframe, and demean her with insults resembling ‘fatso’.

Dawson’s authorized group has argued the witnesses’ testimony has been contaminated as a result of they’d talked concerning the case with one another and had listened to The Teacher’s Pet podcast concerning the thriller surrounding Mrs Dawson, arguing it was broadcast with an assumption that her husband was responsible.

They have additionally argued that as a result of these occasions occurred 4 many years in the past and reminiscences have pale over time, the testimony given now just isn’t an correct portrayal of what occurred.

Dawson claims JC’s allegations are lies spurred by a bitter custody battle which occurred after their 1990 break-up.

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