Know your 'wasteman' from you 'gyaldem'? Multicultural London English to be dominant British dialect

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Do you know your ‘wasteman’ from your ‘gyaldem’? Multicultural London English will turn into the dominant dialect in Britain inside 100 years, researchers say

  • London’s inner-city slang might turn into UK’s dominant dialect inside 100 years 
  • The Multicultural London English dialect has unfold all through the nation
  • From ‘peng’ to ‘gyaldem’ and ‘wagwan’ to ‘wasteman’, our language is altering 

information/london/index.html” id=”mol-3f940810-eb80-11ec-8b9e-0f334707e741″>London‘s inner-city slang might turn into Britain’s dominant dialect inside a century, consultants have claimed.

The Multicultural London English (MLE) dialect has unfold each all through the nation and throughout social courses, information/2022/06/13/wagwan-street-slang-britains-main-dialect/”>The Telegraph reported.

You solely have to activate the telly to hear phrases comparable to ‘peng’ (engaging) and ‘lips’ (kiss) on reveals comparable to Love Island, which final week raked in a whopping three million viewers.

information/oxford-university/index.html” id=”mol-3f925a60-eb80-11ec-8b9e-0f334707e741″>University of Oxford linguistics lecturer Prof Matt Gardner mentioned: ‘We do not communicate in the identical method folks did within the time of Shakespeare or Chaucer.

Shows comparable to Love Island present how prevalent The Multicultural London English dialect has turn into as contestants discuss ‘peng’ (engaging) folks and ‘lipsing’ (kissing) their companions

‘London, being the financial and cultural centre, drives these adjustments. We have seen that throughout the final hundred years, and we’ll see that throughout the following 100 years.’

It means use of the phrase ‘man’ as a pronoun as a substitute of ‘I’, ‘you’ or ‘he’ might turn into prevalent within the UK.

Other phrases embrace ‘creps’ for sneakers, ‘mandem’ and ‘gyaldem’ for teams of women and men and ‘wasteman’ for a silly particular person.

The dialect is an amalgamation of languages from cultures outdoors of Britain. For instance the greeting ‘wagwan’ (what is going on on?) was taken from Jamaican English.

MLE audio system largely have immigrant roots and have additionally changed the Cockney dialect in working class areas of the capital which means announcing your Hs might be again in type throughout the subsequent 100 years.

The dialect initially took maintain as immigrants who couldn’t communicate English or solely knew it as their second tongue spoke in Patois, an English-based creole language with Jamaican roots. 

Top British grime artist and rapper Stormzy has helped cement MLE vocabulary in people's minds

Top British grime artist and rapper Stormzy has helped cement MLE vocabulary in folks’s minds

The development of grime music has additionally helped cement the dialect and assist it cross into the vocabulary of different social courses. 

Many younger folks already use the lingo and as they develop into center age and move their language habits to their youngsters, MLE will doubtless take maintain. 

Experts imagine because the dialect comes in opposition to regional accents it’ll begin to have offshoots based mostly on location throughout the nation.


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