To date, the Instagram celebrity’s selfies as a model have earned her more than 1,2 million followers. On her account, she frequently promotes skincare and haircare brands such as Vive De Luxe and USRx. Charlotte, North Carolina was her childhood home. Harvard University awarded her the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists Award of Excellence.

She has two sibling siblings. She has participated in modelling shoots alongside Teira Walker.

Yasmine Lopez recently made headlines after she was spotted partying with Kanye West after her breakup with Vinteria, a 22-year-old Instagram model. He is currently divorcing Kim Kardashian, his wife.

Yasmine appears to have modelled for Fifth Wavee, Fashion Nova, and Viva De Luxe, among others. She also made a brief appearance on the Zeus reality programme One Mo’ Chance.

Theyasminelopez on Twitter – There are currently 1.1 followers. She is followed by Cardi B, YG, and the influential Rickey Thompson, among other celebrities.

Trevon Diggs, an NFL player, is the father of Yasmine’s children. They were rumoured to have had a brief relationship in 2020, but they are no longer together. Yasmine gave birth to a son named Chosen Alexander in August 2021.

Yasmine and Kanye West were recently spotted together at J Mulan’s birthday party in Houston, leading to speculation that they are romantically involved. When a photo of the rapper and Yasmine was shared on social media, it was initially believed that Trey Songz was the father of her child, but those rumours were debunked.


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