If there is one guiding principle at Fruits Basket so far this season, it is “keep Tohru happy.” There is a great deal of pain and sorrow out of her sight, and she will eventually have to deal with it, but for now she will have fun and keep herself occupied while everyone else takes care of their bags.

Tohru gets dressed while Yuki and Kyo resolve their issues, Tohru goes to the haunted house, and Kureno’s problems arise elsewhere. This week, Red Leaf invites Archer to Sohma’s beach house for the summer. Jing, Xue, Haru, Muzuo, and Hiroshi accepted the invitation from Hongye.

This is yet another occasion for amusement, humour, and relaxation. However, the episode’s entirety reveals the darker side of Fruits Basket, both in the action outside of the holidays and in the memories Yuki is concealing from Tohru. The majority of the Sohmas are invited to Momiji’s vacation plans, but Shigure must attend to business before joining the others. The dog is busy when Tohru swims and hunts rhinoceros beetles. First, Rin visited Shigure’s residence in desperation.

While the exact context of their conversation has not been revealed, you know it’s a big deal when Rin runs into his house without removing his shoes. Her seductive nature hints further at what she’s seeking (how surprising that the most fanservice-heavy scene in a beach anime doesn’t take place on the beach). Despite Rin’s desire to be close to Shigure, this episode reveals for the first time who Shigure is closest to: Akito. When Shi Yu meets Mingren, they embrace one another tightly.

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Akito continued to wield power and control over the other Sohmas, expressing a desire to “teach them a lesson.” Shigure was able to converse with Akito in such a way that others would get into trouble, and Akito expressed a desire to “teach them a lesson.” Shigure invites Mingren to his beach house in order to impart this lesson on him. Clearly, Shi Yu is considerably less trustworthy than it initially appears.


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